Be one step ahead of the markets with Profit Builder!

Our product specializes in deep technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis! We rely on 30 years historically proven trading strategies!

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Why choose Profit Builder?

Are you tired of all those subscription based trading platforms? We know the feeling, that’s why Profit Builder is 100% Free from any monthly/yearly fees till we reach 500 members! Our platform is a one click easy to use top notch piece of technology! We do not rely on some weird A.I. non-existing algorithm. Instead, we focus on long term proven indicators and the most successful strategies!

Profit Builder is 100% endorsed by the vast trading community. We do not promise dreams, we deliver results!

Highly professional with proven high results

Huge Profit potential with all-time proven Strategies

Highest possible market Accuracy

User friendly and fully endorsed for beginners

Fully Endorsed
Highly Secure
User Friendly
One Click Trading
High Performing

What is Profit Builder?

You are facing The Best performing trading platform of 2021 and beyond! But what is the core hiding behind our successful application?

Well, we do not claim of having discovered hot water. However we can confidently say that we know how to trade the markets with great success. Profit Builder is based on 3 simple but proven overtime as the highest performing strategies - The Trend Following based on MACD and Exponential Moving Averages, High-frequency trading relying on Bollinger Bands, EMA, Stochastics and Price action movements. And last but not least, One Look Trading based on Ichimoku Kinko Hyo!

Any of the strategies we use can be back-tested for over 30 years of historical data. As we said we do not sell dreams here . But we offer trusted overtime trading methods for any trading style you may have so you can make your dreams a reality! It does not matter if youre a high-volume low-volume. Investor, a rookie, or everyday trader. We have the best possible trading ideas & tools for your trading needs!

What you will get registering with Profit Builder?

  • First 500 members will get Lifetime full access to our newbie friendly one click trading platform

  • Easy to use highly professional trading application

  • Access to 3 high accurate proven overtime trading strategies

  • Access to 200 plus assets to trade

  • Live news feed and Live chart access

  • Easy Access to deposits and withdraws

  • Regulated brokers

  • Want to go against the markets? Use our reverse-trading feature

  • Every member of our platform gets a 100% FREE consultation with trading expert via phone

  • We offer 24/7 email and 24/5 phone assistance

Frequently Asked Question

Is Profit Builder Free?

Yes, registering with our platform is 100% free with no hidden fees!

How accurate your bot actually is?

We offer different trading strategies, from short to long term trading. So, we can’t answer straight away because the answer will depend on what kind of approach you use to trade the online markets. However, what I can say is that we experience sessions up to 100% accuracy. Yes, that’s right our Profit Builder provides also 100% accuracy sessions in certain days, when the market conditions are good and there are no unexpected market swings.

Is this trading platform good for beginner traders?

Actually our platform is designed to be suitable for newbie traders. Basically that’s the purpose of the algorithms behind our application. We are doing all the hard work for you, giving easy access to the online markets. We deliver highly accurate trading ideas based on solid technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis but you are the one who decides to enter or skip the markets.

Can I get help if I need?

Yes, we do offer 24/7 mail support and we have agreement with the regulated brokers we work with, that every member of our platform will get a totally free consultation with a trading expert who will answer all your questions. Not only that but you can create a relationship with that expert so he can help you in any hard moment or whenever you have more questions.

Why Do I Need a Broker?

TO trade the financial, stock, crypto or any other online market you need brokerage. It’s similar to a bank account where you hold your investment and you use that account to trade the markets. The described trading account is yours only yours and you have full control over your funds.

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